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Zhoukou Zhonghao Food Co., Ltd.

Franchisee qualification

1. independent legal person, perfect industrial and commercial, tax registration, and have relevant licenses;

2., good social reputation, business ability and sufficient operating capital;

3. identity of Zhoukou Zhonghao foods Limited under the "Gehao Hao brother" corporate culture and business philosophy, and always willing to accept Headquarters unified training guidance;

4. comply with uniform operating standards;

5., follow the company's service purpose, service commitment, and in accordance with the company's strategic objectives, and actively cooperate with the company to carry out sales and service activities Service activities;

6., a solid entrepreneurial spirit, career ambition, and seek greater development goals.

Franchise condition

80~150 M2 above business premises, shop decoration to accept the unified guidance of the headquarters.

20 thousand ~5 million franchise costs (specific according to the actual situation approved) complete business plan


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Dancheng branch address 3
Dancheng branch address 3
Dancheng branch address 2
Dancheng branch address 2
Dancheng branch address 1
Dancheng branch address 1
Dancheng branch address 4
Dancheng branch address 4

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